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How to Register for Courses

Follow these four easy steps to register, obtain course materials, take examinations, and print certificates of completion:

  • Select a course from the shopping cart.
  • Print and review study materials.
  • Take the multiple-choice examination/survey.
  • Print the certificate of completion

Go to the audio to hear an explanation of the registration and course completion process.

Regis​tration Form

Select a state for CE credits*

Select specialty/profession (medical providers)*

Course title*

Hours per course*

Field Label*

Bundled Option

You can cut the cost of courses with advanced purchase of our 3-year Bundled 24 CE package, in which the price is $19 per CE credit hour. A discount of 60% is applied to the third year.

To build your own bundle, you must include ethics and law, as well as ethical billing and coding, which accounts for the 6 mandatory CE credits. For the remaining 18 credits, you may choose any of the other general courses.

The total cost for the 3-year Bundled 24 CE package is $1140 after applying a discount code—for a total savings of $228. Click here to receive your discount code

Online, Distance, and Classroom Op​tions

All courses are offered as online, distance, and in-classroom options. Online learning is available anytime. Distance learning will be via conference call or webinar training, the timing of which will be provided upon registration. The dates, times, and locations of classroom learning will also be provided. The effective date for online and distance learning is December 19, 2014.

Excusive Offer Coming Soon

We will soon be presenting an exclusive offer to our registered chiropractors for free EHR/EMR software. We will also be offering the option—though you are under no obligation to accept—to become part of our network and receive additional healthcare aids for your practice at substantially discounted prices.

For more information, you may contact us by clicking here.

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